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Let my heart take journey into the realm of unknown. With warmth of a radiant perfect deity, I am known to be grounded in this sympathy of river that flows forever. Whichever it may please, I shall have a renown mastery of crafts in which no subjects had been deepened but by the scars of impurities. 



As I was walking on the Rinaldi Street near 118 Freeway, I saw the beautiful sunset. My story is not about the sunset. It’s pretty hard to describe all the right emotions and feelings accurately at the time I was having. Pretty much all the divine interventions that I can’t replicate in my head through this writing, sums up my life pretty well: frustrations. Let’s move on from this topic of frustration. The inspiration triggers happy thoughts which translate to happy, motivated life. I no longer try to formulate the right words or the right sentences simply because they became a burdensome. They hinder my writing as well as trains of  thoughts. I do not pay any attention to the grammar as I type. This helps me to just go with the flow. Once the burdens lifted off,  you have more flexibility as well as more freedom to exercise your creativity. The writing has been a beautiful and interesting part of humanity. It has not been long too much, since we came into the picture of the existence on this planet, but it definitely had or has impacted the course of our humanity. We write to record or to preserve the past of everything and anything. Just like how photography captures the moment of reality in a simple picture, writing captures the flows of thoughts and our motives, actions, and everything we can imagine.

What would you do?

what would you do?

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